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Tournament Players NEEDED

UPDATED July 26, 2017 @ 3:55pm

As the 44th annual Can-Am Rugby Tournament kicks off this weekend, there are teams looking for players. See below for teams still looking and contact information.

Over 35

Frank and Beans
contact: hrfc.strelec@gmail.com

Delmarva Crop Dusters
contact: Ryan Batdorf
email: rydorf@yahoo.com
cell: 610-763-8509


RPI Alumni
contact: tierneymorton19@gmail.com

Sugar and Spice
contact: trb881@aol.com

Smith College
contact: cstonge41@yahoo.com

Rutland Women
contact: cmt21@hotmail.com

Suffolk Women
contact: Abarron613@gmail.com

Danbury Women’s Rugby Team
contact: Adrienne O’Shea
email: oshea56@hotmail.com
cell: 845-399-2057

North Shore Women’s Rugby
contact: Hilary White
email: hwhite918@gmail.com
cell: 781-346-3127

New Haven Women
contact: Burt Hale
cell: 203-217-2242

Ithaca Avengers
contact: Molly Birecree
email: mbirecree@gmail.com


Albany Knicks
contact: jasonriegert@gmail.com

Big Pink
contact: Brett Anker or Bruce Mendelsohn
email: baa30@georgetown.com or bruce.mendelsohn90@gmail.com
cell: 508-873-6324 or 845-721-7110

Hunts Point All Stars
contact: David Levine
email: d73ram@gmail.com
cell: 646-294-1856

Keene State
contact: Corey Lawson
email: clawson@cardigan.org

Old Gold – looking for a few tight 5 players
contact: Akira Do
email: mrakira400@gmail.com
cell: 617-870-1770

Team Ohio
contact: Andrew Little
email: andrewlittle250@gmail.com
cell: 330-819-3550

New Haven Men
contact: Ramey Fritzler
cell: 203-314-4339

Union County #1
contact: John Smith
email: smithjohn@comcast.net
cell: 908-400-4709

Union County #2
contact: Joe Taranot
email: joe@fiberliteawnings.com
cell: 973-703-4683

Hartford Wanderers
contact: brovageorge@yahoo.com

Ottawa Indians – looking for 2nd row / backs preferred
contact: Jason Duff
email: indiansrugby@gmail.com

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