49th CanAm Rugby Tournament Results
July 29-30, 2023

These are the official collective scores from the 2023 tournament.
To download these results: 49th CanAm Rugby Tournament Results.

Women’s Club Division

Bean Burgers

2023 Women’s Club Champions

Sat 8AMLP 12Missfits RFC22Long Island Women’s Rugby5
Sat 8AMLP 13Steel Magnolias28Buffalo Women’s Rugby Club0
Sat 9AMLP 12Danbury17Albany Knickerbocker RFC W+12
Sat 9AMLP 13Morris Rugby22DC Furies19
Sat 10AMLP 12Philadelphia Rugby30Monmouth Rugby Club0
Sat 10AMLP 13Team Pretty Rugby27Steel Magnolias3
Sat 11AMLP 12Bean Burgers24Missfits RFC5
Sat 11AMLP 13Olde Girls32Morris Rugby7
Sat 1PMLP 12Danbury7Philadelphia Rugby15
Sat 1PMLP 13Long Island Women’s Rugby5Buffalo Women’s Rugby Club10
Sat 2PMLP 13Albany Knickerbocker RFC W+21DC Furies0
Sat 3PMLP 13Monmouth Rugby Club5Steel Magnolias7
Sat 3PMLP 12Bean Burgers26Philadelphia Rugby0
Sat 4PMLP 13Missfits RFC45Morris Rugby0
Sat 4PMLP 12Team Pretty Rugby5Olde Girls12
Sat 5PMLP 13Buffalo Women’s Rugby Club0Albany Knickerbocker RFC W+7
Sat 6PMLP 13Steel Magnolias12Missfits RFC17
Sun 9AMPetro 1Albany Knickerbocker RFC W+12Missfits RFC15
Sun 12PMPetro 3Bean Burgers27Olde Girls5

Women’s Social Division

Burbany Mom Jeans

2023 Women’s Social Champions

Sat 8AMPetro 1Rugbae Womxn24White Plains Women 10
Sat 8AMSLHS 5Burbany Mom Jeans24Old Breed5
Sat 9AMPetro 1Rochester Renegades22Ladymudturtles0
Sat 9AMSLHS 5Burlington Women+24Charles River Women + Rugby0
Sat 10AMPetro 1Mountaineers41WRU7
Sat 10AMSLHS 5Uticuse31Mother Ruckers5
Sat 11AMPetro 1Barracks Rangers0The Steel Magnolias Too62
Sat 11AMSLHS 5North Buffalo Ninja Rugby10Seacoast17
Sat 1PMPetro 1Rugbae Womxn0Rochester Renegades24
Sat 1PMSLHS 5Burbany Mom Jeans5Burlington Women+0
Sat 2PMPetro 1White Plains Women5Ladymudturtles31
Sat 2PMSLHS 5Old Breed12Charles River Women + Rugby5
Sat 3PMPetro 1Mountaineers14The Steel Magnolias Too24
Sat 3PMSLHS 5Uticuse7Seacoast8
Sat 4PMPetro 1WRU43Barracks Rangers0
Sat 4PMSLHS 5Mother Ruckers0North Buffalo Ninja Rugby10
Sun 5PMPetro 1Rochester Renegades33The Steel Magnolias Too17
Sun 5PMSLHS 5Burbany Mom Jeans17Seacoast7
Sun 6PMPetro 1Ladymudturtles41WRU0
Sun 6PMSLHS 5Old Breed0North Buffalo Ninja Rugby7
Sun 8AMPetro 1Ladymudturtles12North Buffalo Ninja Rugby39
Sun 10AMPetro 3Rochester Renegades12Burbany Mom Jeans19